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The ghosts of Christmas past…

With Halloween and Bonfire Night firmly behind us and as the retailers unleash the Christmas spirit, we too turn our attention to the inevitable challenge of our studio Christmas card. A brief with seemingly no end and no beginning, no definitive right or wrong answer – the holy grail of all design solutions.

The one brief of the year where we can cut-free and truly let our creativity shine, yet the very thought causes our designers to shudder, tainted by the ghosts of Christmas past. With less than a month to go as we endeavour to find that flash of inspiration we recap on our previous efforts. Next year we start thinking in July.

2009 – Exploiting a happy coincidence

2010 – Seeing things differently through our kaleidoscope snowflake designs

2011 – As designers we like to turn things on their head

Watch this space for this year’s solution…

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