All for a good cause

Fundraising brochure to direct charity donations towards St John’s Foundation’s ambitious renovation project.

As a charity with connections at Toucari Live, we were delighted to support St John’s Foundation in kickstarting their fundraising campaign to renovate the historic Old Chapel at St John’s School in Leatherhead.

The challenge was to engage potential patrons who would be able to generously donate the large sums required to complete the project, whilst presenting the Old Chapel in an informative and exciting way and emphasising the difference the donations could make to the School and wider community.

Using detailed crops from the chapel images provided and featuring bold typographic statements and pullouts, we aimed to inspire the imagination, make the information easily digestible and show the potential that the project could offer.

A die-cut cover with muted colours and a deliberate use of white space allows the photography to ‘pop’ and catch people’s attention, yet it reflects the elegance and dignity the Old Chapel deserves.



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Thank you so much for the amazing work you did on the brochure for our Old Chapel project. It has been extremely well received and we have raised hundreds of donations from our supporters… to date, we have raised more than double the amount from similar mailings in the past. You’ve done a great job bringing our Old chapel project to life for our donors.
Abbie Carr
Development Director
St John’s School