The faster, smarter, easier way to build pitch documents, helping you stay focused on the strategic issues.

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Introducing PitchPerfect, the automated document builder that harmoniously works in Microsoft Office,
allowing you to efficiently, consistently and powerfully create branded materials like:
> Pitch proposals
> Fact sheets
> Team sheets and more

How it works
PitchPerfect works within Microsoft Office, so your people get straight to work preparing proposals, bids or
tenders. PitchPerfect is economical: scalable for any firm or team size. There is minimal training due to its
integration into the Microsoft Office ribbon.

Automatically accurate
Assemble complex documents with just a few clicks, using the automation features. Quickly import
content from your media suite using updatable data libraries. Visual quality, accuracy and brand
consistency are never compromised. Our expert, easy-to-use templates and tools for Word give complete
control of content, proofing and deadlines.

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Key features
> Produces bespoke pitch and other documents from scratch
> Saves part completed documents as ‘clean’ templates ready for re-use
> Customises standard credentials in seconds
> Pulls data from one source into multiple documents avoiding duplication of data
> Provides access to key documents to as wide a user group as required
> Templates professionally designed to ensure stability and prevent corruption

Benefits include
> Speed/time-saving
> Prevents information being stored in multiple locations with issues over consistency
> Full or partial access can be given to a wide user group, cutting down on very simple requests and
access issues ‘out-of-hours’
> Ensures that data is 100% up-to-date and eliminates any need to continually reuse old completed
> Very little training required as production is all Microsoft Office-based

Client software requirements
> Windows XP sp3,
> Windows 7 x86, x64
> Windows 8
> Microsoft Office 2010 and 2013 provide the user front end for PitchPerfect
> PitchPerfect is provided with a windows install, and requires .NET framework 4.0

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For more information or to arrange a demonstration contact Les Straszewski or Simon Smith
T. +44 (0)20 7492 1860 or E. les@toucari.live

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Tikit, part of FTSE 20 company BT, are working with Toucari Live and Enable to promote, install and support Pitch Perfect across the legal industry. Tikit’s scalable resourcing provides project management, implementation, support and training, so clients who commit to Pitch Perfect are afforded the assurance and comfort that this exciting new
technology is backed by one of the largest suppliers to the legal sector.
BT Tikit