Strategy and opportunity

Helping Linklaters deliver thought leadership on the challenges and rewards of entering the Chinese market.


Just as there are many factors to consider when exploring China’s evolving economic landscape, capturing its complexity in a culturally sensitive and readily accessible report meant plenty of careful thought and development.

Following much deliberation and experimentation, we designed a cover featuring Mahjong tiles and the strapline ‘Strategy and opportunity’ to highlight the fine balance needed to successfully play a part in this expanding economy. Originating in China but now played worldwide, Mahjong is an apt symbol for the possibilities and risks that characterise the situation from both eastern and western perspectives. Clean lines, crisp graphics and evocative imagery throughout the report reflect Linklaters’ brand and support absorption of this complex subject.






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The Linklaters report, Strategy and opportunity: China’s growth on the world stage, had a cover illustration featuring four mahjong tiles. The image was highly appropriate. Mahjong is a game of strategy and opportunity, but also requires a good amount of luck. And there are plenty of variations on the rules, depending on where it is being played geographically. Nothing could sum up better the key characteristics of the impending Chinese venture into internationalisation.
Edward Fennell
City Diarist from The Times